Baseball Training Aids And Why Josh Holliday Thinks HST Is Effective

Josh Holliday’s thoughts on the HST baseball training aids.

“We used the Hand Speed trainers in multiple areas-­‐first of all, we found direct translation in the swing training component due to the immediate feedback and functional nature of how you can swing the bat against multiple methods of swing training. We have done, t work, front toss, batting practice, and live hitting with the trainers on our players without it causing any mechanical breakdown-­‐I don’t think I’ve seen a product that can work across that many different types of training applications and not impact the integrity of the mechanics-­‐furthermore, we had guys feel like it instantly improved their route to the ball because they focused on being more direct and as a result saw a more efficient hand/elbow position in route to contact.

You can determine any protocol with your players in terms of progressions, number of swings, order of operations, etc. that you feel fits the stage of your training-­‐we progress through the different phases of the college training cycle-­‐pre fall, fall team practice, post fall development, Christmas break, pre season, and in season-­‐each step of the way our players have different goals and points of emphasis they are hoping to reach.

In terms of developing throwing protocols with the hopes of building arm strength, we have already begun to study the application of using HST in throwing progressions with distances, numbers of throws, and intensity projected out over a semester long program with players not competing in that season, we hope to see improvement in the velocity of these pitchers this year-­‐you can deliver the baseball with the same arm action due to the placement of the HST and finish in a more natural deceleration position compared to that of a weighted ball system or other devices-­‐all of this is our belief as a staff.

I’m sure you can find even more application for the HST with catchers for targeting and glove position along with creating strength in the receiving position.”

Josh Holliday 8, 22,14