Golf Swing Speed: Resistance Training Test


Improving Golf Swing Speed With Hand Speed Trainer

The Hand Speed Trainer was put to the test on the affects of improving golf swing speed in a field test study among golfers. The market is flooded with training gimmicks, but the Hand Speed Trainer is devoted to providing a reliable and effective golf swing trainer that provides real results. Below are the results of a field study that measured the effectiveness of the Hand Speed Trainer’s 4-week program.

What We tested

Golfers of varying ages and handicaps wore the Hand Speed Trainer taking twenty-five swings, three times per week. Resistance began at 113.4 g (4 oz) and increased by 113.4 g (4 oz) every week for 4 weeks. By the end of 4 weeks the resistance was 453.6 g (16 oz).

golf swing speed


Weekly Breakdown

The golfers start with 4 ounce weights during week one, and end with 16 ounces by week four. Measurements are taken before and after using Golf Tec’s G Swing System. The data collected is focused on three key performance indicators:

  • total distance
  • club head velocity
  • ball speed


The Results

The conclusion from wearing the Hand Speed Trainer for four weeks and gradually adding weighted resistance, golfers achieved an average increase in Club Head Speed (+3.50 MPH), Ball Speed (+4.52 MPH) and Total Distance (+7.42 YDS).  The graph below indicates the following 4 week training program can have dramatic performance improvements without sacrificing mechanics. The Hand Speed Trainer allows athletes to functionally strength train by securely adding weight to the forearm that does not interfere with wrist and elbow movement. The unique weight system allows athletes to increase resistance in minimal increments (4oz) so that the biomechanics of the athlete’s activity are not affected.  This allows complete focus for the athlete’s neuromuscular system to specifically and functionally adapt their required movements.